Creating Caring Communities That Transform Lives
Creating Caring Communities That Transform Lives
Creating Caring Communities That Transform Lives
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Monday, June 13, 2011 @ 5:00:00 AM - Written by Doug Hignell -
My life pilgrimage centers around several key pursuits. Two of the most important are finding God and finding Doug. That may seem a strange way to phrase things, but I came across a quote today that highlights the important pursuit of "finding Doug" in a vivid way.

Rabbi Zusya was a Chasidic master who lived in the 1700's. One day he said:

"When I get to the heavenly court, God will not ask me 'why weren't you Moses?' Rather he will ask me, "why were you not Zusya?"*

I'm nearly seven decades into this life, and yet finding out who God created Doug to be and how best to live that out continues to be a challenge. As the oldest child in my family I became a "people pleaser" at an early age. This motivated me to become what I thought others wanted me to be. In addition, I have an internal drive to be excellent at every activity I undertake and I have identified people who represent the excellence I am seeking. For example, I want to be able to speak like Bill Johnson, pastor people like Henri Nouwen, love people like my good friend Gaylord Enns, and be a businessman like Steven Jobs. With this standard of comparison I am defeated before I start because I am not Bill or Henri or Gaylord or Steven. I am Doug.

"Finding Doug" has not been an easy pursuit but there have been several very key points along the way. The most dramatic moment came when I was approximately 50 years old. Up until then I went by my middle name, Fred, the third Fred in a row in our family. Having a strong and successful father who I was named after made it difficult to find my own identity, especially since his natural tendency was to lead from his head more than his heart in contrast to my God given tendency to lead from my heart.

Through a divine encounter with God in a dream I woke up knowing that I was no longer to go by Fred. Within hours, after talking with my wife Kaylinn and at her suggestion, I changed to my first name Doug. The ensuing weeks were embarrassing. How do you explain a God encounter and something as radical as changing your name at 50? Learning to answer when someone called out "Doug" was also difficult. It was comforting that there were some Biblical precedents for a name change based on an encounter with God , like Abram, Jacob, Simon, and Saul, but it was still a rough journey and required tenacity and a lot of grace to press through.

While I am still on this journey of discovery and will be as long as I live, I know that when I stand before God someday I want to hear "well done my good and faithful servant. You were Doug; the Doug I created you to be." What steps could you take in your spiritual pilgrimage to live out the giftedness and calling that God has placed on your unique life?

*(Chasing Francis, pg. 67, Ian Morgan Cron, Nav Press 2006)

I LOVE this blog! Wow, it sure made me start thinking! Thank you for your wise words!
Tina Rosenquist @ 9:53:00 AM 6/13/2011
In some ways this also has to do with getting rest. Because you need to cull out the activities that you are doing to please others, which should result in you getting more rest. Learning to hear The Father calling you into who you were created to be helps also. Then you can set the triage system needed to "Do" only those things that fit your destiny as "Doug" or "Derek". If you know what God see's us as? Then we can begin to pursue that. So taking time to make an inventory of goals & activities might be a good thing to do. This was a very cool blog Doug. Thanks. Derek
Derek Hastings @ 4:41:00 PM 6/14/2011

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