Creating Caring Communities That Transform Lives
Creating Caring Communities That Transform Lives
Creating Caring Communities That Transform Lives
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Tuesday, December 07, 2010 @ 12:51:00 PM - Written by Doug Hignell -

"Resting in God's provision" includes learning to slow our pace and not fill every waking moment with activity. As adults there are far more excellent opportunities than there is time available. I am challenged by what a friend said this week "When the obligations of the day exceed the time available you can't walk in freedom." Living in a state of rest necessitates making tough decisions on the use of our time.


Thanksgiving week this year was a week of especially tough decisions for me. My most difficult time decisions often relate to family because they are a high priority. Despite my priority on family time, I spent Thanksgiving at home alone with a cold while my family was at my sister's home. Normally I would have pushed through and gone anyway but I realized that besides being contagious it would leave me more fatigued and slow down the process of getting well.

I also faced an equally difficult decision. I was scheduled to leave the day after Thanksgiving to fly to Utah and attend a University of Utah football game with my son Ryan. I didn't want to disappoint Ryan and miss this opportunity to make a wonderful memory together, so I decided to go despite how I was feeling.

A friend challenged my initial decision to push through and still go to the game. This is a friend who I have counseled many times to slow his pace. As we talked he asked "If the situation was reversed what would you advise me to do?" That was easy to see so I replied "I would suggest that you not go and be sure you get well." He then asked why that advice didn't apply to me as well. With a good laugh he then threw in a kicker: "I often listen to your advice and make positive changes in my life related to my pace but it helps if I see that you are making good decisions as well." He had me there! It is certainly easier to counsel others than follow my own advice.

Slowing down our pace of life requires difficult decisions. We have too many excellent opportunities. One key is to seek out friends who will speak into our lives, give us perspective, and help us make the tough decisions, but I certainly missed the time with my son.

Doug...great thoughts. I push like you do. Even today I decided to stay home and not go to a wrestling meet for our grandson in Denver. Going would have put much stress. But it is still hard since I want to be everywhere and please everyone.
Jerry White @ 6:44:00 AM 12/18/2010

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