Creating Caring Communities That Transform Lives
Creating Caring Communities That Transform Lives
Creating Caring Communities That Transform Lives
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Monday, January 21, 2013 @ 9:48:00 AM - Written by Doug Hignell -

If love is an action word, then what's the greatest gift or act of service that we can possibly give someone -- a gift that will have an impact far beyond what we can even anticipate? Flowers? Money? A vacation?

No. The answer is prayer. Simply taking a few moments to pray with or for a person is a tremendous act of love, especially when prompted by the Holy Spirit.

Kaylinn and I recently attended a wedding where we met Maggie, a young woman in the wedding party. The next day, we went to a wedding brunch, where Maggie also happened to be. As the brunch progressed, I sensed God prompting me to pray for Maggie, even though I'd only met her the day before. I initially ignored this prompting, yet the feeling wouldn't go away, so I finally decided to take action.

After talking with Maggie for a bit, I asked if I could pray for her. She agreed and, as I began to pray, I sensed God's love for her and prayed for her as a father -- as I would for one of my own daughters. After the prayer, we talked for a few moments, and then parted. Later that day, I sent her an email, encouraging her to contact us if she ever had any additional needs for prayer.

Here's her response:

Thanks so much, Doug! You're a wise and discerning man and I so appreciated you praying for me, mostly because my own dad has never prayed for me (he's not a believer and left our family when I was very young). So you have no idea how much that impacted me today and it also made me realize (again) how I've missed having a father figure in my life who can speak encouraging words of truth -- God's truth!

Loved meeting you both, and I certainly hope our paths cross again soon!


It honestly doesn't get much better than this -- this adventure of serving others by putting love into action, especially through prayer as prompted by the Holy Spirit.

During this next week, I encourage you to pay attention to those little nudges that you receive, and then enjoy the exciting adventure with God that they provide.

*Name shared with permission

doug...thanks for praying for my buddy magz. she is such a giver and defines what it means to be a good friend. it's comforting to see her heavenly Father taking care of her. thanks for writing about this sweet moment in time on this adventure Jesus has us on! much love, kindy (i was in the wedding party too. the shortest one on the end :) my dad died a year and a half ago of skin cancer very quickly. i miss having a dad here so much on this side of has given me a new perspective on what other girls feel who dont have what i did. i miss my dad's protection and guidance. you dont fully know what you have till it is gone. i am so thankful for the years i had with him and how his life continues to teach me to trust God in ALL circumstances. thanks again for praying for maggie. big hug to you!!!
kindy miller @ 11:41:00 AM 1/21/2013
Hi Kindy, Thank you for your kind comments.You are right, Maggie is a special person. Having raised three daughters I love being a Dad. This was not always the case but God got a hold of me after a divorce 38 years ago and my priorities changed 180 degrees. My daughters were 5, 7 and 11 at the time and a gracious God turned me around while there was still time to be a loving Dad to them. Doug
Doug Hignell @ 3:51:00 PM 1/21/2013
hey doug, thanks for sharing. i have three girls too! mine are 9,6 & 3. what an adventure it is! my husband is a great daddy. i always knew he would be good with girls...even though i never ever expected to have so many. it was what i always wanted..but never knew it. they are treasures. the first thing my dad told the doctor when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer was..."i wanted to see my grandchildren grow" ...we all miss him...and who knows what God shows him of our crazy life :) enjoy your girls! take care, kindy
kindy @ 5:18:00 PM 1/24/2013

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