Creating Caring Communities That Transform Lives
Creating Caring Communities That Transform Lives
Creating Caring Communities That Transform Lives
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Friday, January 04, 2013 @ 4:31:00 AM - Written by Doug Hignell -

These days, we’ve watered down the word "love" to nothing more than a feeling. Consider a few examples:



  • While watching The Voice on TV recently, I noticed that one judge after another often says, "I love you" to a contestant -- typically when that contestant is being eliminated from the competition.
  • When somebody asks if we'd like to go shopping, we gladly answer, "I'd love to."
  • We "love" pizza, beautiful skies, and turkey at Thanksgiving.
  • If we meet someone new whom we admire, it's often not too long before we say that we "love" that person.



In these examples one could easily get the impression that love is simply a positive feeling that we have toward something or someone. However, in reality, it's much more than that. Love is an action word so it doesn't stop at our thoughts or feelings.


Love Does, an excellent book by Bob Goff, encourages and models love as an action word. Donald Miller, in the introduction to the book, says it well:


This book will be troubling for some. We don't like to put hands and feet on love. When love is a theory, it's safe, it's free of risk. But love in the brain changes nothing . . . love is too beautiful a concept to keep locked up behind a forehead like a prisoner...We may want love and feel love and say love, but love does things.


My mantra that "Serving is a privilege, not a chore, when you love someone," was birthed from reading Love Does. Serving is putting love into action. The following quotes, in particular, have impacted me:


Love like there's no tomorrow; live like there's no yesterday. We're forgiven; now go love people like we believe it.

Spread love like it's grass seed in a big wind; we don’t need to pick where the lawn grows.

Love is never stationary.



With the viewpoint that love is an action word, "Every day turns into a hilarious, whimsical, meaningful chance to make faith simple and real." A couple of recent ways I have done this in my world are:


  1. I offered to make coffee for the wonderful ladies who clean our home when they arrived one morning.
  2. My son and I went over and used our ATV's to pack down the snow on a friend’s driveway at their cabin so that when they arrived they wouldn't be hip deep trying to get to their front door!
  3. I emailed a friend just to let him know I care about him and that if I were stranded on an island and had to pick only two or three people to be "stuck" with, he would make the list!



But where do you start? Ask God what your next step is. It may be as easy as picking up the phone, sending an email, writing a letter, or "just showing up." "After that, things start happening. Things that perhaps have God's fingerprints on them." Pick one person today and put your love into action. Love does!

Very powerful point. Many people feel like they are not trained, equipped or ready for ministry, however just making it a point to demonstrate His love for people is really at the core of ministry. We can all do this and if we have a relationship with Jesus and hear from him we can see the need and accomplish His will. Thanks for writing this. I am in the midst of seeking what I am to be doing in our business for ministry, and this piece really struck me.
Gary Larkins @ 11:18:00 AM 1/13/2013
Thank you Gary for the encouragement. My next blog will give an example of hearing from Jesus and then taking action. The results were beyond my expectations. I certainly want to live there every day in all venue's; but spiritual growth is a process and takes time.
Doug Hignell @ 1:16:00 PM 1/18/2013

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