Creating Caring Communities That Transform Lives
Creating Caring Communities That Transform Lives
Creating Caring Communities That Transform Lives
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Wednesday, June 01, 2011 @ 8:54:00 AM - Written by Doug Hignell -
Throughout this series on rest, I may have given you the false impression that I am a master at rest. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rest is a constant struggle for me. In the era that I grew up in, nobody knew about ADD or ADHD, but I am certain that if they did I would probably have been diagnosed with one of these! I am most alive when I am active and driving toward a clear objective. Once it has been achieved, I tend to second guess myself and wonder how I could have been more effective. I tend to live life as if I am running a 100 yard dash rather than a marathon. If I am not careful I pursue rest with the same intensity as I pursue everything else rather than just relaxing and truly entering into rest. As I review the recent blogs on rest, here is a summary of the keys to rest that have helped me the most:
  • Learning to be quiet in the midst of my strong extrovert tendencies. This involves daily building in periods of reduced activity especially in the evenings.
  • Controlling technology rather than letting it control me. This is a constant struggle as I want to stay up on emails, Facebook, phone calls and news during all waking hours. With the advent of smart phones this requires even more discipline.
  • Withdrawing from activity for extended times of rest and focusing on God, whether this is 3 or 4 hours or 1 or 2 days. Since the early 90's that has been the most significant help. My wife encourages these times as she can tell the difference when I emerge.
  • Not having an agenda when I engage in extended periods of rest. This was very difficult in the early days and still proves challenging at times. I spend extended time focusing on my relationship with God but not to a set formula.
  • Learning to "rest while engaged" by pursuing hope in God rather than placing my hope in circumstances. Properly placed hope is a big deal. If our hope is in the circumstances around us then we will be more driven to succeed.
  • Learning to say "no" to the many wonderful opportunities for the use of my time. I can't eat all the items at an activity buffet even if I want to.
  • Being at peace with my inability to be all things to all people, learning to share their load but not carry their load. It has only been in recent years that I have not assumed responsibility to help people change. I can barely take responsibility for myself so I cannot be responsible for others.

Thank you for walking with me on these extended blogs on rest. It helps me to write about the areas I am continuing to journey through and I hope it is helpful for you too. Since it is such a personal struggle I am sure I will come back to this topic from time to time.

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